Photo by Jaime Loya via Flickr Creative Commons License

Photo by Jaime Loya via Flickr Creative Commons License


What we do

El Paso Homeschool Association is a Christian organization formed in 2017 to support, engage, educate, and elevate home education in El Paso, Texas and the surrounding communities (West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez—the borderland).

Our mission is to reach families in El Paso and the surrounding areas in order to educate and encourage the option of home education. We do this by connecting families to local, state and national organizations that advocate for education rights as well as hosting the only homeschool conference in West Texas. 


Who We are

El Paso Homeschool Association exists to serve and engage the Sun City’s vibrant homeschool community. As an organization, we have been blessed with a core group of volunteers who answer facebook messages, post on instagram, build our website, organize speakers and vendors, fundraise, make phone calls, answer questions, and host our homeschool meet-ups.

The highlight of El Paso Homeschool Associations yearly offering is our local conference, and these ladies are the people who diligently work to make it happen annually. These are women of many talents, but behind each and every one is a homeschooling mom who wants to build what we all need as homeschoolers: a community.

Raquel Ruiz ::  Raquel is a homeschooling mom to 3 children ages 6-16. She loves that homeschooling has allowed her to watch her children blossom, and created closeness in her family. She loves seeing how God provides for the conference year after year, and has a heart for seeing El Paso Homeschool Association be a true help to local homeschool parents. She has been at the helm of the EPHA for 4 years.

Marie Michael-Arrellano :: Marie homeschools her 3 kids. Her husband takes care of our EPHA tax return and with his guidance and help, she handles the financial side of the Association. Marie and her husband believe hard work and honesty is key for their volunteer work and the work of their family business. They have enjoyed serving the homeschooling community in all they can and strive for the best in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We could not be more grateful for her number savvy and her husband’s assistance - they have a skill set any organization would greatly benefit from!

Ruby Sarmiento ::  Ruby is a homeschooling mom to 2 children (one of whom has already graduated). She always has a smile for anyone who crosses her path, and is our amazingly talented Vendor and Sales coordinator. She tirelessly works to connect local and national vendors to the homeschoolers of El Paso at the conference as well as gather sponsors to keep families costs down, and if you have attended a homeschool meet-up, you have likely met Ruby! Her ability to help homeschool parents start their journey, and encourage them along the way is just one reason we are so glad she is the voice so many here in El Paso have come to know as the voice of EPHA.

Lindsay Kronmiller :: Lindsay homeschools her two children, Hannah and Caedon. She loves using living books in her schooling, and is a huge fan of libraries. Lindsay is a critical part of El Paso Homeschool Association—she manages our website, does all our beautiful graphics, programs, shirts, signage, and much more. She keeps our organization looking beautiful and running smoothly. We are grateful she uses her artistic talent as a volunteer for EPHA.

Julia Novoa ::  Julia is a homeschool mom to 4 children, ages 8-2. She used to be a classroom educator, and is a complete homeschool curriculum nerd. If you have received a response to a Facebook message, chances are you have spoken to Julia. She serves as Speaker Coordinator for the annual conference, and tries to fill in gaps as needed across the organization otherwise. Her hope in volunteering with EPHA has always been to bring her love for education to El Paso homeschoolers via awesome speakers and creative workshops for our conference goers.

Juliette Mendoza :: Juliette is a homeschool mom to two children. She recently joined our team to fill the vital role of marketing for the annual conference. Filling this gap for us has been a tremendous help—from sending out press releases to scheduling media outreaches and coordinating radio and tv interviews, she does the vital work of getting out the information to help everyone in the community find the resources they are looking for. Aside from volunteering, Juliette is a Classical Conversations tutor who loves teaching at her CC chapter, weekly.

And we would be bereft if we didn’t also mention all of our husbands, as they support us in the work of engaging and serving the homeschool community of the borderland and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

Throughout the year we have many homeschool parents who volunteer their time with the association. We are incredibly grateful for their support of the association and their willingness to serve in numerous capacities as needed from hosting meet-ups to serving as a conference volunteer to stuffing conference goody bags and seeking sponsorships. We are a volunteer run organization and would not be able to do anything without the amazing families who sacrifice their time and abilities to serve the homeschool community in the borderland.

Here is a short list of names that have generously donated their time (It is by no means complete.)

Bobby Maddox
Veronica Santacruz
Terri Barnes
Lesley Saenz
Julie Maddox
Dee Acosta