Volunteer with us

Below you will find a detailed description of what each volunteer job requires. Even though these jobs are volunteer positions they will, at times, require the same amount of time and dedication that a part-time job requires, including time spent working on your own tasks, communicating with the team lead, and attending conference planning meetings.

Please take into serious consideration your and your family’s plans for the year before making a commitment to one of these roles. We ask that you take on a prospective role only if your schedule will allow you to put your commitments to God and family first, while also completing assigned tasks.

Team work and everyone fulfilling their commitments is crucial to the success of the conference and the association. If someone is not able to fulfill their role it bears a heavy weight upon the other team members.

We ask all people interested in working with the Association bear in mind that they will have to adhere to the values that the Association strives to follow. We do not tolerate gossip or negatively speaking about others. Any issues outside of direct conference tasks will be brought before the association director who will give guidance on resolving issues from a Biblical perspective. Anyone found to be engaged in these actions will be asked to leave the position they are working in.


Please select the position below that you would like to apply for.

Prayer Team Leader

Fundraising Coordinator

Grant  Writer

Social Media Intern/Tech

Hospitality Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Conference Interpreters

Vendor Team Assistant