12:30–1:30 Pm Keynote

Greta Eskridge

Learning to Love Literature through Nature

In this talk, Greta encourages parents to take their kids outside and learn in nature, passionately explaining the benefits of outdoor and hands on learning. Greta shares how her own love for nature, and therefore nature study, grew out of a childhood love of books. She then offers practical tips for choosing books that focus on nature, beautiful storytelling, and teaching. Greta also describes the benefits of nature journaling, and how to do nature study and journaling outdoors or through a Book.

There will be a 30 minute break between the general session and the start of the workshops for viewing of the Exhibit Hall.

2:00–3:00 PM Workshops

Teaching Mathematics with Art (or is it Teaching Art with Mathematics?)

Tom Clark Can your child’s future really be boiled down to something as simplistic as whether they are right-brained, or left-brained? Surely, as homeschooling parents, we want our children to believe that they are capable of using “both sides” of their brains. In this educational and entertaining workshop, we will explore the natural and logical connections between Mathematics and Art. We will investigate mathematical principles, and see how they are related to, and illustrated by, artistic applications. Likewise, we will explore several artistic concepts, and see how they are based on mathematical ideas. Of course, throughout, the importance of language and communication will be stressed, as it must play a key role in the understanding of both areas. *Mr. Clark asks that parents come with questions at the beginning of the workshop, and he will tailor the workshop to answering the questions asked.

The Dyslexic Brain

Irma Keys Tailoring your teaching to the Way Dyslexic students learn is of value to homeschool educators and educators alike. Participants in this workshop will learn how the brain is different in dyslexics and how to customize education for the Dyslexic child. We will demonstrate methods and techniques that can help adapt curriculum and assist you in your home education of the Dyslexic child.

Parenting teenage girls: It's not the same world that we grew up in

Gina Carow Preparing girls for their teens and raising teenage girls in the current world is not for the faint of heart. In this workshop learn about managing media and technology, dating, communication, and how this pertains to pursuing the heart of the young ladies in your home.

Sponsored Workshop presented by BJU Homeschool

Melodie Erives Come learn about BJU Homeschool and why it could be an excellent fit for your family. Ms. Erives will be discussing development of Critical Thinking using BJU curriculum in sequence. They will discuss their complete K3-12 core curriculum in this workshop, and its many features including: Biblical worldview, strategies for all learning styles, age-appropriate lessons, and its flexibility for all families.

Your 168-Hour Week: How to make the most of the time you have available to homeschool

Zara Fagen, Ph.D—Headline Speaker— Many people wonder how to “get it all done.” The better question is: How will you do your best homeschooling in the actual (and limited) time you have available? In this workshop, Zara Fagen, PhD – author of the best-selling book Minimalist Homeschooling, and creator of Simple is the New Smart - will teach homeschoolers how to plan a homeschool that is focused and high-value, while allowing plenty of time to breathe and enjoy impromptu learning. Jam- packed with tricks and self-reflection, homeschoolers will never look at their schedule the same afterwards

3:15–4:15 PM Workshops

What is happening to our men and boys?

Mike and Cheryl Kolesar Men are in crisis and something is robbing them of their normal desire to lead, provide and protect. Less men are going to college, becoming home-owners and entering the workforce than ever before. Based on data and research, Mike will explain what culturally accepted vices are that keep men from being men, and point us toward solutions that will free men to once again be who God created them to be, and help us raise boys to be men.

Homeschooling and behavioral health

Andrew Parrish M.S. , LMFT In this workshop we will look at impacts of various behavioral concerns (ADHD, LD, ASD) on homeschooling and provide coping strategies for families facing these challenges. This specifically pertains to groups that have children in categories of disabilities that curricula often overlook.

Sponsored Workshop presented by el paso conservatory: Engaging music, enriching your homeschool

The El Paso Conservatory of Music offers a well-rounded selection of classes and curriculum for music - from early childhood music, to private lessons, to a comprehensive 4 year music pre-college certificate. In this workshop they present their varied private and group classes, the many benefits of a music education, and how you can bring Classical Music to your homeschool.

Teaching Math (and all subjects) in the Real World

Seth Hunter For many of us, school is hard, and the thought of doing fractions is worse than heart surgery. Join us and learn some simple and fun strategies you can use to make any subject, especially math, come alive by using everyday activities as you teach. You will learn some great techniques to take the boring out of school and will make learning exciting and fun.

4:30–5:30 PM Workshops

Homeschooling Math Without a Plan? You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Tom Clark This workshop is designed to help parent-educators understand the scope, the sequence, and the logic of mathematics instruction from pre-school through adult. Join Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of “Algebra: A Complete Course”, and “Geometry: A Complete Course”, as he takes you on a sometimes humorous journey, describing all levels of arithmetic and all mathematics courses encountered in high school and college. In addition, considerable attention will be given to identifying the “why” of the study of mathematics with an emphasis on the development of concepts, instead of rote memorization. *Mr. Clark asks that parents come with questions at the beginning of the workshop, and he will tailor the workshop to answering the questions asked.

Taming the crazy when Homeschooling Multiple Grades

Felicia Johnson A veteran homeschool mama of 8 kiddos, Felicia Johnson wants to help homeschool parents understand homeschooling various grade levels at once. Homeschooling multiple ages with little ones underfoot is only a job for Super Mom! In this workshop she will share some tips, tricks and strategies to keep the chaos to a minimum and help you find balance in your homeschool day.

Q+A Session—Veteran Homeschooler and Homeschool Gradauate Panel

A panel of veteran homeschoolers will answer questions and talk through what homeschooling has looked like for them as teachers and as students. Questions will be gathered via Facebook/Instagram/Email and a moderator will host the discussion. Have questions to submit? DM us on Instagram or send them through on Facebook Messenger.

One Million Tales of Adventure for Boys and Girls: tips for making history interesting

J. Aaron Gruben In this workshop we'll discuss tips for making history fun for your homeschool student, and for you too! Mr. Gruben has a passion for history and the many educational opportunities it provides. We'll also discuss some practicalities of studying history, and resources you can use to do it.