How to Start Homeschooling

You’ve decided to homeschool. Awesome. Now comes the hard part. Getting started. There are a million options for styles, curriculums, extra’s, etc. The hardest part—ciphering through the all the options and picking what will work for you, your kids, and your family.

If you’ve just withdrawn your child(ren) out of public or private school, we highly suggest de-schooling. De-schooling is the process of helping your children get out of the traditional school mindset. Homeschooling takes many different forms, but it absolutely doesn’t have to look like public school or be on a public school schedule.

One of the best ways to find what will work for your family is to figure out why you are homeschooling and develop some goals .

Develop Goals

Developing goals for why you want to homeschool will help you make a lot of the decisions regarding home education. These goals will help guide you as you choose curriculum(s), schedules, etc)

Here are a few samples of goals:

• We want to prioritize spiritual development

• We want to have a close relationship with parents and siblings

• We want our kids to think for themselves

• We want to focus on character development

• We want our kids to guide their learning and be in charge of their education.

• We want our kids to develop a specific skill or focus on a specific subject/job/passion

Some questions you can ask yourself as you begin to develop your families goals:

• What do we want for our kids?

• What do we want our days to look like?

• Is there a special need(s) that need to be considered?

• What do I (as the parent) need to make home education work?

Now, how to make this work. You’ve thought about your goals, but you aren’t really sure how to make that work.

First, Observe your Kids.

Watch your kids and see what they do, how they learn, and where their interests lie.

Do they learn by doing, listening, reading, moving etc...

What types of things interest them. Do they love to do projects with you or by themselves?

Take some time to not do anything in particular—just observe your kids.

Figure out what makes your kids tick.

Once you’ve taken the time to see what your child(ren’s) interests are and decided on your goals you can then look at how the different educational philosophies fit in and from there choosing some curriculum to try is much less overwhelming.

Our directory has a small sampling of curriculums as well as other local resources and homeschool groups for you to use.